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Wooden Trains       2:14 PM - Dec 26, 2008

After playing wooden trains with my nephew at Thanksgiving, I started building a wooden train set in Maya. One of the hardest parts of wooden trains is understanding how they fit together. With most wooden train sets there is a lot of wiggle room where you can force certain tracks to fit where they really ought not to.

Also, you tend to run out of exactly the right piece. I thought it would be fun to play with trains when you would never run out of pieces, and you could experiment better to find how the tracks were intended to fit together.

Also also, I of course made my trains able to run on the tracks, and make the switch tracks functional, so that the train would take many different paths around a given track layout.

For now, I've color-coded the different track pieces to make distinguishing the layouts easier.

This began simply, but started getting complicated (naturally), so there is a corresponding section on the Tutorials Page to explain how to get the tools to work.

I used this system to build a map of track-length equivalences. Some were surprising to me, when certain combinations lined up perfectly, especially with the 45-degree combinations | WebSite by  |  Valid CSS  |  Valid HTML