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Tony's "Bolt" movie opens next week       11:57 PM - Nov 16, 2008

The latest Disney Animation movie that Tony worked on -- "Bolt" -- opens next week on November 21st. This one actually even has Tony's name in the credits (for the first time ever)! That's only the 2nd time ever (that he knows of) that someone from his company has gotten their name in the credits of one of their customer's films!

In addition to having Tony's name on a ridonculously large screen, the movie itself is really great, as well. It's really a huge step up in quality (yes, even from Meet the Robinsons!) and the beginning of the real return of Disney's magic.

So if you're looking for something to do while the turkey is cooking, spend some time with Bolt the dog, Mittens the cat, and Rhino the...hamster....

Available in 3-D, and the non-fat 2-D version with 33% less 'D'.

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