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Late Summer Update       18:16 PM - Aug 18, 2009

Things have been moving along, with each little project proceeding.

Writing has slowed down at my other blog, so I'm updating here. It seems like there will be a shift there, and it will either pick back up, or die off completely.

Work is going well -- we're surviving the downturn by, well, being a large diverse company. Some customers are doing just fine these days, and our products and services that they use are, likewise, doing just fine. We're tightening the belt, but we'll be fine.

Soccer took an odd turn last week, as we got run off of our field the police for the terrible crime of playing a group sport in a recreational park. The officer doing it felt pretty dumb having to enforce this particular town rule, but since a lily-livered intolerant racist called the police to complain about us, he had to come serve and protect.

Normally I'm more guarded about casting dispersion upon others, but since the complaintant's given reason for not just speaking to us himself was that "none of the players spoke any English" -- I'm fairly comfortable making wild (and probably inaccurate) assumptions about him in return. Now, most of the guys are Hispanic, but not all of us (certainly not the big English/Nigerian actor). He just wanted a nice cozy assumption to save him from having to man up and voice his opinion to a group of other dudes.

And also, he should get a real dog. I think his major worry was that our soccer ball would roll over his "purse-sized dog and crush it with the fierce weight of 14-16 ounces.

Archery is going well, but I've hit the nasty accuracy "valley" that comes from changing equipment. I changed to a stronger bow setup, and changed arrows to a faster, but less forgiving type. This means that it takes more endurance to shoot a competition, and all of my mistakes are magnified. The tradeoff for this is that the bow can now shoot nearly 100 yards, instead of 65.

Maya has had an interesting summer -- now it is offered as a bundle along with MotionBuilder and Mudbox. The next year of Maya will be interesting to see how shifts like this help form a base for new interoperability features. | WebSite by  |  Valid CSS  |  Valid HTML